RNGs vs. Live Blackjack Dealers Online

Thanks to new technologies and the dedication of online casino software developers, live blackjack dealers are slowly taking the place of RNGs--or random number generators, visit game-eyeball.com site for some tips. These dealers bring more excitement to blackjack by putting a real face to the game.

Understanding RNGs

RNGs have been around for decades and got their start in casino games that could not be played online due to the limits of technology for Online Gambling Site. As early as the 1980s, people were playing games on floppy disks that called for the use of this software. Finally, as the mid-1990s approached, the internet was made available and affordable for the general public. As a result, RNGs were improved and used in multiplayer casino games that could be accessed online.

Live Dealers

Though RNGs were at one time the best technology available, this is no longer the case. Live dealers can be found in many online casinos and present players with a real-life individual via a video feed. Real cards are used instead of virtual cards determined by software, though players interact with virtual renditions of these cards on the screen and play Keno Game. These live dealers make online gaming as real as possible for players who are not fond of the standard mechanized processes.

Benefits and Downfalls

Although many players prefer the live dealers to RNGs due to the improvement in atmosphere and excitement, these games progress more slowly than their RNG-driven counterparts. This is because live dealers must shuffle and deal the cards in real time while RNG software performs these actions in the blink of an eye. While many players do not mind to sacrifice speed for realism, there are those who continue to play RNG-powered games in order to play faster like the Online Baccarat game.

The great debate between RNGs and live dealers will likely continue, though the better of the two is a matter of opinion. Each one offers its own set of benefits and downfalls that players must consider.