The History of Keno

Keno is a very popular game that can be played for recreation or winnings, but what was it like when it was first created? While most people play standardized or simplified versions of this lottery to pass the time gamblie with keno at site, keno is a game deeply rooted in a historical influence which can still be seen in modern times.

The Beginning of Keno

First called 'the White Pigeon Game' and now called 'the thousand character classic', keno was a Chinese lottery that began its practice in ancient China. In the beginning, there were 120 symbols to choose from, and these 120 symbols, divided into 8 subcategories, would be picked by the player before the emperor drew the order of the winning symbols. This simple game was so popular that the order would be sent out by messenger dove so that everyone, even those far away, could partake in the lottery or gamble online at Bwin Casino.

The Results of Keno

Keno was so well-received in ancient times that the money won from the lotteries helped reinstate the Chinese army, and the money was eventually even used to build the Great Wall of China. Still popular to this day, keno is now played twice daily with 1000 characters and 80 player choices in 10 subcategories like Online Baccarat. Though this is only one variety of the game, it is the most famous and still quite true to the original form.

Keno has survived for centuries and has given China many symbols, tangible or not, to survive along with it. With keno's reach far beyond China and stretching over the world, it remains one of the truest lotteries for most Online Gambling Site.