Win Free Spins Bonus at Zodiac Casino

Zodiac Casino Free Spins Bonus

As new players, the most exciting feature of any online casino is easily their welcome bonus. The idea of stumbling into a casino only to be met with free funds for play upon arrival is something that separates physical casinos from online casinos. Whether it be funds for play or free spins, casinos are trying out new and exciting offers in an attempt to draw more players in. Luckily, these new promotions are being designed to benefit the players first.

Exciting Way to Play

New and innovative welcome offers are being designed and tested that grant players an exciting new way to play at online casinos. One such offer, the welcome bonus at Zodiac Casino, is doing just that. Most online casinos offer free spins or first deposit matches to get players started, but the bonus from Zodiac Casino is 80 chances to become an instant millionaire. Obviously, it's almost impossible, but the chance is what draws the attention.

We decided to take an in depth look at the many promotions and bonus offers at Zodiac Casino to see how they compare to the rest of the industry. We look at their 80 chance offer, deposit matches, and free spins packages and see how they stand to others in the online casino world. It's important to know what to look for in a welcome bonus before you go about signing up for one and the bonus at Zodiac Casino should be no different. However, if you are interested in finding more information about how different bonus types work, Spin Stars Casinos will provide you will all the details you may need. You will get the bonus terms and conditions all well explained, including tips on how to cash out your winnings.

Welcome Promotions

When you first sign up for Zodiac Casino, a bonus is applied on your first deposit. Once you put down any amount greater than $1, your account will receive 80 free spins chances to become an instant millionaire. This bonus offered by Zodiac Casino is quite unique and interesting for the players. It gives you 80 free spins, essentially, on jackpot slot machines with the chance to win an ever rising jackpot number. While this is essentially a free spins offer, it is applicable towards jackpot slot machines.

On top of this 80 free spins offer, you will receive a subsequent 100% price match on your second deposit up to $100. 50% will be applied to your third, fourth, and fifth deposits up to $80, $150, and $150 respectively. These are not withdrawal-able funds, but simple cash that can be applied towards games to earn you real money. This is the welcome bonus at Zodiac Casino and is quite the hello to new players.

Earning Your Zodiac Casino Bonus

To earn this bonus from Zodiac Casino, all you have to do is make your deposits. To earn the 80 chances at jackpot slot machines, you simply have to deposit more than $1. To earn the full bonus on your second deposit, you have to put down $100. The third deposit requires $160 to earn the full prize, and a $300 deposit is necessary to earn the full bonus of the fourth and fifth level. Please be aware that you don't have to put down the full amount to receive the bonus, it just won't be the maximum amount otherwise.

There is also a unique requirement from the Zodiac Casino bonus that isn't found in many other online casinos. To be eligible for the bonus, you have to download the full Zodiac Casino software onto your device. Most casinos have a download version, but few promote it as a requirement for bonus eligibility. Zodiac Casino is unique in that fashion so it's up to you if you're okay with being required to download the software to receive your free spins.

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Read Through Terms and Conditions

One tip that many online casino players tend to forget about is that the terms and conditions should be thoroughly read. Maybe players don't forget and are choosing to ignore, but regardless, if you're ever going to read a terms and conditions document, now is the time. More often than not, free spins and other casino bonuses will come with requirements that must be met before you can withdraw your funds. Many players earn huge winnings but can't withdraw them due to not meeting the requirements.

In order to be eligible for withdrawal, many casinos will require that you wager a minimum amount on your deposits. This is known as the wagering requirement and is used as a way to guarantee that players aren't putting down the minimum amount of money, so they can walk away with the bonus without having truly risked any of their own funds.

Another requirement that the bonus at Zodiac Casino comes with is the playthrough requirement. This is used to ensure that players aren't putting down the minimum every time in order to slowly build up to the wagering minimum and scam the system. Casinos put these requirements in place to avoid losing money on their bonuses, but some requirements can be quite steep so read through the terms and conditions before you start earning your "free spins."

New Players and Loyalty Programs

Zodiac Casino offers a bonus to new players and loyal patrons alike. Free spins are just the tip of the Zodiac Casino bonus. You could become eligible for free spins every week depending on the level of VIP you achieve.

The VIP levels at Zodiac are about average for most online casinos and their biggest offer seems to be free spins more often.

Finding the Right Offers

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Finding the right casino is all about knowing what benefits you the most. There are hundreds of casinos out there offering free spins and first deposit bonuses so it can be quite overwhelming trying to find the right one for you. If you keep these tips in mind on what makes Zodiac's offers great and unique, then finding a trustworthy casino with a great welcome bonus and loyalty program will be no problem. Keep searching and reading through the terms and conditions and you'll find the perfect welcome bonus for you in no time.